Timon Nap


Interactive installations, serious & entertainment games using Unity with C#

Baby Builder

(2020-2021) A playful exploration of genetic engineering

The Baby Builder is an interactive installation built in Unity/C# in which you can design your own child through genetic engineering. The Baby Builder is a self-initiated project by Bertrand Burgers; it challenges the audience to confront the ethical, societal and moral questions raised by the development of genetic engineering.

Interactive Floor Games

(2017-2020) Highlights from the development of the interactive floor games I have worked on

Showcase of games I worked on that have been released on the Interfactive Floor platform. Individual game pages accesible through this page.

Match-3 Linker Game

(2020) A match 3 linker game made for a coding challenge

A tile linking game I developed in 5 days for a coding challenge. Designed as a mobile game, players clear the field by linking adjacent tiles of the same colour. It includes an in-editor level creation tool with several playable levels.

Interactive Floor Platform

(2017-2020) From prototype to full grown product with over 100 units sold

From graduation thesis on tracking in 3D space to prototype to a released product. The platform is used to apply embodied learning in a playful way using interactive games. I've developed its prototype and helped it grow to a fully developed product.

Monster Rebellion

(2017) Location Based Mobile Game using GPS

Mobile game project I worked on during my bachelor thesis. A mobile game using location coordinates with interaction to stimulate children to walk to school instead of being brought by vehicle.

Internship & Personal Project

(2015-2016) A character customiser with an interface & personal game development project

Character customiser with interface and developed mobile game