During my time at Wikkl I have worked on several web and mobile applications (deployed on both iOS & Android) using AngularJS as the base framework. I was also responsible for creating the current design of the Wikkl website which was done using Angular and Tailwind CSS.

The most technically advanced app was the Straight Fire NFT App (see video above) made using Angular in combination with Ionic and BabylonJS. Users of the NFT App can connect their blockchain wallets and generate videos of their NFTs displayed in a 3D environment. Most of my work consisted of creating the workflow of loading and rendering the 3D scenes in BabylonJS. I devised a workflow in Blender to setup the scenes which were then imported in the web app using .gltf format. I also created a big portion of the apps pages using Angular and Ionic.

[New Heights Leaderboard Image (leaderboards not yet live)]

A New Heights related project I have also worked on was a website leaderboard page for the game. This page allows everyone to see the leaderboards of New Heights without having to launch the game or even be at a computer. The leaderboards page was made using AngularJS and Tailwind CSS.

My first real venture into app development was the development of the ANNA App. I was responsible for implementing all the pages inside the app. This app revolves around a chatbot (ANNA) which gives you advice based on a brainscan. The chatbot can also give you articles related to you. These are saved in the app and all data related to you can be seen in the app.

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