Hi there!

I’m Timon Nap, 27 years old and from The Netherlands, Utrecht area.

My professional work has consisted mostly of working as a game programmer developing serious games for a custom interactive floor platform at Springlab. With a development team of 6-8 people we worked closely together during all stages of development. We’ve released multiple games developed in the 2017-2020 period for the interactive floor platform. Most of 2020 I have spent both working on the Baby Builder project and doing physical, active work outside.

Gaming has been my #1 interest since a young age; I remember back during the PSone days I kept judging games’ graphics by how good looking the trees were. My first development work started when I got into texture and modeling mods. At the age of 14 I spent countless hours modelling in 3ds max. Programming sparked my interest during my computer science bachelor which I completed at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2017.

During my bachelor years I have also studied in Trondheim, Norway for a semester in 2016; At the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. At the NTNU I worked on a VR project using Unreal Engine. I absolutely loved my time in Norway and ever since I try to regularly travel to interesting places. Some of the places I’ve been to are Ukraine and Kazakhstan; The header picture of me has actually been taken at Big Almaty Lake in Kazakhstan.

My passion in the working field lies in working together with other professionals; Developing creative solutions to design problems, getting systems running and iterating on implementations to get that perfect feel to it in the end. I love it when a project comes together. I have a strong passion for the way something should look & feel; Being right in the middle as a programmer allows me to contribute significantly in all aspects that make a great application.


Skills listed are tools and environments I have worked with on multiple projects and over multiple years.

  • C#
  • Git & Github
  • Unity
  • Photoshop
  • 3ds Max
  • Scrum