I have made a page for each game with my personal highlights where I talk about the development and the implementation of game systems. All games are played on the Interactive Floor Platform. All five games have released to over 100 educational institutions.

As game programmer I always work closely together with those involved (designers, artists, animators), iterating on implementations to make sure the end result is up to everyone’s standards. Games #1, #2 and #5 have been developed in collaboration with Zwijsen.

Reuzentranen (English: Giant’s Tears)

  • Highlights: 2D with depth of field, scene setup & camera work; phase system.
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Kliederen met Knuffels (English: Stuffed Animals Mess)

  • Highlights: Paintspots particle system, configurable paths.
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Klunskabouters (English: Clumsy Garden Gnomes)

  • Highlights: 2D player detection logic on 3D game, level setup.
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  • Highlights: Texture overlap detection, feedback shader.
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Vreemde Vogels (English: Unfamiliar Birds)

  • Highlights: Modularity, magnifying glass effect.
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